When Riatta Village has new homes ready to be moved in, they call Cleveland Electric!

"The Homes Are Amazingly Nice. Even the Renovated Homes are Well Done, Quite Attractive and a Great Value."

That's what people say about Riatta Village who view them. People consistantly say they didn't know they were building such nice homes in factories. People who live in them comment on how solid and stable they feel. We believe better homes, better service, and better financing opportunities will bring us better people. It's working.

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When Southeastern Freight Lines made its first delivery 60 years ago, the mission of that driver was exactly the same as it is for each associate today: to meet or exceed the needs of every customer – every single time.

The driving force behind their company is their commitment to adding value through everything they do or, as their motto says, providing Quality Without Question. They knew from the beginning that their associates are the keys to achieving that quality. They have never compromised when it came to building a professional team of associates with a serving attitude and a passion for excellence. Dedicated, highly trained, hard-working associates are prepared to serve you and your customers.

They truly appreciate your consideration of Southeastern for your transportation needs. In today’s intensely competitive environment, they know you have options. Their shipping solutions include partnerships with other regional carriers, Internet connectivity for full shipment visibility, and Excelerated Guaranteed Services. These and others are designed to add exceptional value to your transportation processes.

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When Tubing Testers needs an electrician on the spot, they call Cleveland Electric!

Kevin and Melissa Reneau started Tubing Testers, Inc. in 1986. Over the past 25 years they have expanded their family owned and operated business from 1 Hydrostatic Pipe Testing Truck to 9. They tribute the truck design and the special line of two hose tools to Melissa’s father, Preach Admire, the original manufacturer of the equipment. Kevin and his son, Beau, now build and maintain their own equipment. In addition, they have added the new service of Electromagnetic Pipe Inspection in which they own 3 units. They have also doubled our employee numbers several times over and currently have 16 employees. Initially their small business started at home, but has expanded to a 16,000 square foot building located on the north edge of Archer City, Texas. They have been serving Texoma and Central Oklahoma, and will continue for years to come.


When USA Rock Bit Inc. needs an electrician on the spot, they rely on Cleveland Electric!

USA Rock Bit, Inc. was established in 1985. Since that time they have dedicated themselves to supply the drilling industry with the best products available in both New and Rebuilt Rock Bits.

They take pride in offering prompt, courteous service to all facets of the Oilfield, Water Well, Mining and Construction Industries.

Their website represents their continued effort to supply today's drillers with a product that is competitively priced along with superior performance.